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A message from our director

"We are very grateful that you are visiting our website today. We feel that we have a lot to offer you, and your child. I have built a staff of excellent teachers at Wee Care Child Development Center, and our program is designed to grow your childs mind and abilities. If you have a question about anything feel free to connect with anyone here, including myself."

Miss Shauna Schaefer




One of our founding values here at Wee Care Child Development Center is respect. We teach each of our students the value of showing respect, and having respect for themselves.


Hard Work

Anything that has been built worth value has been done so through hardwork. Nothing in this world is given. Our students learn that to achieve your goals you have to go through hard work first.



We find that courage is a very important trait to have. We teach each of our students to have the courage to dream big. Better yet, we teach them to have to courage to achieve those big dreams.


Christina Cahill

Christina has been with Wee Care since 2004. She has worked with all ages and is now the Office Administrator and 4-year-old Preschool Teacher.  

Amy Wood

Amy has worked at Wee Care for 19 years. She has worked with many of the age groups and currently is one of our lead Infant Room teachers. 

Monica Campbell

Monica has worked as our  3-year-old preschool teacher since she started with Wee Care in 2007. 

Sue Marshan

Sue has worked with us for 18 years. She has taught every age group; however, she has been our lead Toddler teacher for several years. 

Jessica Rosenberger

Jessica joined Wee Care in August 2017. She recently took over as our lead Preschool Prep teacher. Currently, Jessica is working towards her bachelors in Early Childhood. 

Dianne Jordan

Dianne is the founder of Wee Care! She opened the center in 1997. She has since retired and returned. Currently she helps in the infant room and is our chapel director.