Wee Care

Child Development Center




We believe the student comes first

We believe that the student comes first. The education is the most important tool that a child can have. We understand that outside of education there are other beneficial ads for children. We focus on academics here. Sports, clubs, and other extra curricular activities come second. We want nothing but the best for you child and intend to give them the best experience possible. We strive for greatness here at Wee Care and push our kids to be the best they possibly can be. 

Lead with respect

It is our goal and mission to make sure each student treats everyone with respect. This is a founding value that Wee Care was founded on. We strive to make sure each of our students understands the magnitude that respect has. Showing respect for yourself and others goes a long way and we intend to keep that as a focal point here at Wee Care.

Building healthy relationships

Wee Care Child Development Center is all about building healthy relationships. We want to teach our students how to interact with other students and grow healthy relationships that have God at the center. Surrounding yourself with people who make a positive impact on your life is a very important tool in life to have. Building those relationships is not always an easy thing to do for kids now. There is a lot of different situations where kids can find themselves in dangerous situations. We want to do our very best to ensure that your child is given a safe enviornment to grow healthy relationships.